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ICT and Social Media in Language Education

The development of ICT tools and social media influences the way of communication in a global society. There is no question that language teaching and learning with the use of ICT and social media has come of age.  Nowadays technology is perhaps the best means to create optimal language learning environment. Technology can support teachers in making language learning faster, easier and more engaging. Learning languages through ICT reflects many and varied ways in which teachers are using computers and the Internet to captivate the imagination of learners, from schoolchildren to postgraduates. On one hand language students should have the opportunity to learn using these new tools which are based on the  combination of different media. On the other hand language teachers and trainers should have a possibility to acquire skills to use teaching strategies and materials that are based on an effective application of new technologies.

During the conference panels and discussion groups the following issues will be discussed:

  • How does the wide use of ICT in communication change language education?
  • How to combine attractiveness of new technologies with the purpose of educational process?
  • How to use ICT tools in language education in an effective manner?
  • What are the advantages and risks of virtual language education?
  • How to raise and maintain the quality as well as to widen the range of internet teaching and learning materials?
  • How to maximize the potential of ICT use in primary and secondary schools as well as in tertiary education?
  • How to enable individual foreign language learners to assess and record their own achievements through ICT?
  • What  ICT competences  do FL teachers and learners need nowadays?
  • What are the future prospects for the use of ICT in foreign languages teaching and learning?

The Conference will also constitute a possibility for setting up international and national partnerships as well as to present case studies from different European countries exemplifying interesting approaches to foreign language teaching and learning with the use of ICT.

 The conference is a addressed to Polish and foreign experts responsible for shaping language policy, ICT experts, language education providers, researchers, teachers, social and business partners, language education stakeholders.

Taking part in the conference is free of charge. The Organizers do not provide accommodation nor cover the travel costs for participants. The languages of the conference are: Polish and English.

  • If you have questions


    Foundation for the Development of the Education System
    Mokotowska 43 Street
    PL-00-551 Warsaw

    phone: 22 46-31-000; 22 46-31-321
    fax: 22 46-31-021 

    Conference Coordinator

    Mrs Anna Grabowska
    Foundation for the Development of the Education System
    phone: (+48) 22 46-31-263
    e-mail: anna.grabowska@frse.org.p