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eTwinning – trends 2015
Anne Gilleran, Senior Adviser, eTwinning Central Support Service

Media education – 5 crucial issues for the future
Jacek Pyżalski, Professor of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, PhD

From atoms to molecules and beyond – forming stable and sustainable project partnerships
Chris Williams, British Council Ambassador

Icebreakers for scientists
1. How to run a good eTwinning project?
Paweł Czapliński, eTwinning National Support Service, Poland
Massimiliano D'Innocenzo, eTwinning National Support Service, Italy 

Bee Maja, Cool the science, Eco friends, Ecology unites, Europe is under our wings, Follow the sun, Food4Live, Funny..., Matheroes, Naturenet, Re-Cycle, Shine like a star, Social media Science, Sound of nature, Watch out your finger, Wow wonderful outdoor wonders.

Only one in a dozen of eTwinning projects perform a sufficient quality to be awarded with the first level of recognition in eTwinning – National Quality Label. Apart from useful hints and tips, the workshop leads participants through criteria and requirements which have to be fulfilled by applying teacher.

2. Inspiration for eTwinning STEM projects
Àgueda Gras-Velázquez and Viola Pinzi , European Schoolnet, Brussels

Every STEM project includes an interesting aim, good content and if possible, proven effectiveness. But how do you get it to thrive beyond your immediate colleagues or partners? This Scientix workshop will present dissemination tools, encourage participation to learn different techniques to get other interested in their projects and how to reach wider audiences. Tools that a good entrepreneur must have to reach hundreds and not only tens of people.
3. Sharing experiences
Ian Kell UK - Circuit Sesame, presentation
Małgorzata Garkowska PL - presentation
Małgorzata Krzemińska, Jolanta Uchacz-Krzyżaniak PL - presentation
Beata Nawrot PL - presentation

Teacher Exchange Workshop, Ewa Raińska-Nowak, eTwinning National Support Service, Poland
Teachers from European countries will share they experience and knowledge regarding education, pedagogy or science. Each session will include 4-5 short presentations on different topics. Join this workshop, if you look for inspirations!
4. Programming with Minecraft
Kamil Sijko, CoderDojo, Poland 

During the workshop participants use popular PC game as an environment for learning  programming  language - Python.  This unique technique attracts nowadays not only adults but in the first place young people who are willing to explore field of commercial computer programming – branch of rapidly growing world industry.
5. Start from Scratch
Katarzyna Zawiła-Dudzik, eTwinning Ambassador, Poland
Coding isn’t just for computer geeks, it’s for everyone. Scratch is a visual programming environment where you create your interactive stories, games & animations. It is not limited to children though - people of all ages with no programming experience can enjoy its simplicity and learn the basics of programming! During the workshop you will learn about Scratch environment and you will create your first projects. No prior knowledge or experience with Scratch is required for this workshop
6. LEGO Robotics and Innovation
Thomas Woll, Denmark
Kahoot quiz
What is innovation, and why is it necessary for tomorrow’s students to be innovative? Using the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots, students have to be innovative and cooperating, to solve problems and challenges in the classroom. In this workshop we will see examples of problem-solving activities and have a hands-on experience, programming the EV3 robots ourselves. No prior Lego Mindstorms programming knowledge or experience is required. Please bring a device (smartphone, tablet or computer) to a quick quiz and evaluation in the end of the session.
7. Google Earth
Marco Neves, Portugal
The workshop will focus on the use of Google Earth as an educational tool for science and environment teachers. The main goal is to show how teachers can use Google Earth as a tool to improve new ways of teaching by exploring the functionalities of Google Earth and other tools like Google MY Maps and Tour Builder. This workshop will help the participants to develop cross-curriculum activities engaging different subjects in a framework of collaborative work.
Requirements: laptop with Google Earth software installed.
8. ICT tools in mathematical projects
Jolanta Grzywnowicz, Poland
This workshop is aimed at providing a practical guide for maths teachers on how to confidently incorporate mathematical ICT tools in their teaching. Participants will learn how to use some dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry and algebra in an entirely new, visual way to see, touch, and experience maths. The workshop will also allow teachers to connect with other teachers, to be a part of a global Maths community.
9. Science projects and pupils competences
Urszula Utnicka, Poland
The European Parliament has identified 8 key competences which are considered as essential for personal fulfilment, future employment and professional development. During this workshop participants will investigate how teachers can improve students’ competences by science projects and familiarize with well-tried methods.
10. Music - related activities
Michał Dyląg, eTwinning Ambassador, Poland 

This workshop will take into account the fact that we are all as creative eTwinners as able to be aspiring musicians. The session will look at the free online resources that will help you and your students add a bit of musical flavor to your eTwinning projects. During our workshop we are going to compose the music, an eTwinning jingle or even an eTwinnning song. Come and indulge yourself in a musical feast. You do not need to be a singer :)
14. eTwinning - growing collaboration
Anne Gilleran, eTwinning Central Support Service, Belgium
In this workshop we will explore the developments in eTwinning, exploring the collaborative aspects of eTwinning Live. We will also explore the features of the other wing of eTwinning,  the School Education Gateway.
15. Science related activities
Majsternia (Thinkatorium), Copernicus Science Center

This is a place where everybody would see that 'you think better than you think'. You may take by yourself, different challenges in different fields  like engineering, science or logic with the use of everyday items - straws, paper, clips, small balls or rubber. No exact instructions, no evaluation, no time limits are provided. The results are only in your hands!