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Assessment in language education

This year’s conference celebrating the European Day of Languages in Poland will be a two-day event held on 23-24 September. During the conference we want to look at assessment as one of the key notions in language education and explore it from new perspectives relevant especially to our local context.  On the first day of the conference (23.09) there will be a plenary session and a discussion hosted by the „Języki Obce w Szkole” language quarterly. On the second day (24.09) participants will be able to choose from six thematic sessions held at the University of Warsaw, Institute of French Philology and Literature thoughout the day. 

Main organiser













  • If you have questions


    Foundation for the Development of the Education System
    Mokotowska 43 Street
    PL-00-551 Warsaw

    phone: 22 46-31-000; 22 46-31-321
    fax: 22 46-31-021 

    Conference Coordinator

    Mrs Anna Grabowska
    Foundation for the Development of the Education System
    phone: (+48) 22 46-31-263
    e-mail: anna.grabowska@frse.org.pl