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eTwinning Contact Seminar

Baltic Sea - common heritage, shared values

The NSS Poland team is very pleased to host the multilateral contact seminar designed for teachers interested in topic related to values and treasures of the Baltic Sea  its diversity and richness of dimensions, from maritime context through history & culture, and finally economy, to name a few. And it is our pleasure to invite you all to come and discover all the great opportunities eTwinning can offer to enrich teaching and learning. The event is a unique way to find an educational project partner(s) and start an international collaboration with another school(s) in Europe and beyond.

Since you are looking for a participation in an eTwinning project it means that you are this exceptional teacher who cares to provide students with better chances for their school performance by enabling, facilitating to connect, exchange, explore, solve, create, share, cooperate, and to broaden their horizons. The seminar is a great opportunity to start your eTwinning journey, become involved in a project planning with other teacher fellows from various countries, to participate in workshops and meet together whereas you can learn and discuss f2f.

Get ready to start your eTwinning life and don’t miss any opportunities!

Welcome to Sopot, welcome to the eTwinning family!