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Plenary sessions

Tuesday, 22nd September

5 myths about entrepreneurship and business pupils believe in

Elżbieta Szczepaniak

What happens when you start discussing business with pupils? You will see that they all have opinions. Where do they come from if they have never run their own business? Hopefully from reliable business sources like family businesses, but unfortunately mostly either from what they saw on TV/internet or they heard from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from somebody (hopefully) really running a business. This is how common fallacies are created. The aim of this presentation is to discuss 5 most common misconceptions about business that young people believe in and that school should correct.

  • Elżbieta Szczepaniak. Entrepreneur, simulation games designer and facilitator, lecturer. Entrepreneurship is her middle name – she feels incomplete when there are no projects, initiatives, challenges coming. Co-founder of Revas – start-up creating Business Simulation Games that allow (young) people experience business and boost entrepreneurial skills by running virtual companies. CEO of Revas Entrepreneurship Foundation that organizes Entrepreneurship Academy for secondary school teachers and School Managerial Championships. Ela was ranked in the 50. most creative people in business in Poland 2018 ranking by marketing magazine and her start-up was a winner of e.g. Polish Smart Growth Award in the Education category.

How can Erasmus+ support VET schools?

Agata Hernik-Ślusarczyk 

Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion provides opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad. Set to last until 2027, Erasmus+ doesn't just have opportunities for students. Merging seven prior programmes, it has opportunities for a wide variety of individuals and organisations. It helps people of all ages and backgrounds develop and share knowledge and experience, it enhances skills and intercultural awareness and helps people become engaged citizens. The session will focus on:

- the opportunities for Vocational Education and Training teachers and their institutions within Erasmus+,

- effects and results achieved so far in the VET sector,

- synergy between eTwinning and Erasmus+,

- the assumptions of the anticipated programme for the years 2020-27.

  • Agata Hernik-Ślusarczyk. Graduate of the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, as well as the Centre for Foreign Language Teacher Training and European Education. Since 2010 engaged in the European educational programmes within the Foundation for the Development of the Education System. At present, as an expert and chief officer in the Erasmus+ Programme, in charge of international strategic partnership projects in Vocational Education and Training. Provides consultation to organisations seeking international cooperation opportunities, supports promoters and beneficiaries in project implementation, provides field-related trainings and workshops. Previously, engaged in the establishment and development of the EEA and Norway Grants in Poland as an advisor in the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Warsaw. Between 2000-10 a committed language teacher (English and Italian). Her major professional interests focus on education, in particular in the field of VET, international relations and cooperation, linguistic and intercultural competence, the EU policy and programmes, fund and project management.

 Workshop sessions

 Wednesday, 23rd September

eTwinning tools, TwinSpace: How to communicate and disseminate online

PL NSS + Łukasz Kamiński, eTw ambassador 

eTwinning tools: eTwinning platform offers a unique environment for networking and international school collaboration. It is a place where teachers can set up an eTwinning partnership and invite students. The workshop guides participants through its main features and tools including eTwinning profile, forum, search engine and project platform. 

TwinSpace: How to communicate and disseminate online: TwinSpace is an online place which allows teachers to communicate in an e-safe mode. Moreover, it facilitates the process of implementation and dissemination of project activities. During this session, teachers will learn how to use TwinSpace’s tools to run a desired project.


ICT tools in entrepreneurial projects for beginners

Monika Mojsiejonek, eTwinning PL ambassador

ICT offers a wide range of possibilities enhancing all stages of project work. As international cooperation is much easier with the support of well chosen tools, this workshop guides participants through a set of useful websites and applications that enable effective planning, organising and evaluating project work.

  • Monika Mojsiejonek. eTwinning Ambassador, English teacher working in an eTwinning School in the west of Poland. Awarded in National eTwinning Contests in 2015, 2017 and 2019 and in European eTwinning Contest in 2019. Totally in love with travelling and photography. 

  Workshop sessions

Thursday, 24th September

 Let’s crowdfund! Shall we?  

Agnieszka Płoska, Poland  

It is much easier to realize your project once you are supported by a crowd: it stimulates, motivates to work, gives you constant feedback and supports the steps you take. The time is now – instead of an individual deciding on a success of your educational innovative idea, ask a crowd, motivate them to support you financially and make your dreams come true. It is time to engage hundreds of people around you. They are there, you just need to reach them. The financial revolution for your educational projects is here. Learn the steps to do a successful campaign. Let’s crowdfund, shall we?  

  • Agnieszka Płoska. Crowdfunding campaign’s mentor, an inspirer and an optimist. She’s been interested in alternative financing since 2009, and in 2014 she discovered her path – managing crowdfunding campaigns. She follows “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”(Napoleon Hill) motto which motivates her to get projects done. She has advised around 150 projects initiators and has implemented campaigns that reached a total over PLN 100,000 a year. She is an author of a book “A woman from the crowd. How to run a crowdfunding campaign in 4 steps.” Learn more: 

  Good practice examples

 Friday, 25th September

Arleta Szydłowska – PL

Project: “Space café”

Students from four European countries organised a virtual enterprise (café), where they could meet, perform, express opinions on current topics as well as acquire entrepreneurial skills. Using Twinspace and selected ICT tools, the participants brainstormed ideas about their company, prepared the interior design, proposed recipes for healthy snacks. Working together, they learned how to run a business - use crowdfunding, recruit/apply for a job, prepare elements of an advertising campaign. 

  • Arleta Szydłowska. An English (EFL) teacher in the Secondary School of Economics and Administration, Wrocław, Poland. She has been an active eTwinner since 2016, she has also participated in a few Comenius and Erasmus + projects.  In the summer 2018 she had a chance to take part in one of the Future Computer Lab courses. In 2019 she co-ordinated an eTwinning project ‘e-Walking’, which was awarded in the European Competition  "YOUrope - es geht um dich!" in Germany. In eTwinning, she looks for inspiration, ways to stimulate students’ creativity, develop their linguistic and digital skills.

 Edyta Bieniek – PL

Project: “W dobrym kierunku” (In the right direction)

Participants of the project were divided into 4 interschool groups. Their task was to find interesting facts related to the means of transport they selected and to prepare a plan of a trip. As the result of voting, all project participants went on the chosen tour. 

  • Edyta Bieniek. eTwinning Ambassador, Trainer of the eTwinning computer workshops in the Opolskie Voivodeship, coordinator of the Erasmus + project. She has been teaching English since 2007. She works at the Public Primary School in Krośnica. The school was awarded the eTwinning School title in 2018 and 2020. She has carried out 30 eTwinning projects - many of them have been awarded National and European Quality Labels. She is also a laureate of the 65th edition of the European Competition "Think - what is Europe based on?". She is passionate about modern technology, ICT tools and coding. Nominated in the EduInspirator 2019 competition.



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